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“The horn section was OUTSTANDING. You guys nailed everything!” John Brankin, concertgoer


"These guys Rock!!! They are very serious about what they do and they do it well. It totally shows on every one of their performances. I look forward to playing every show that they are on." Dave Zane, Lead Guitarist - The Buckinghams

“You three horns are like a laser beam of intonation. Everything was spot on.” Tom “Toad” Doody, lead singer/founder - The Cryan’ Shames


“Best 25 Or 6 To 4 I've seen live in twenty years. The horns were incredible. What a show that was.” Jeff Rosenfeld, concertgoer


“You guys are one of the best horn sections we’ve ever used. Everything was TIGHT!” John Howard, recording artist/bassist - Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals


“Great having you with the band, you all killed it tonight” Ed Roth, keyboardist - CTA with Danny Seraphine

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